The Public Charity “Friends of the Italian Cultural Center of Boston/FICCB” was founded in December 2012 with the aim of creating a Center of Italian Culture in Boston and, further, to ensure its management and operation. The non-profit organization is registered in The Commonwealth of Massachusetts and has the objective of promoting Italian language and culture as well as preserving Italian heritage in Boston.

Vision behind the Center

Inspired by the project Memory Traces: A Collection of Italian Memories of Boston, the Italian Cultural Center of Boston wishes to promote Italian culture and identity in all areas, to preserve the rich Italian heritage of Boston and to build a new, strong and united community of italophiles.

The Italian Cultural Center of Boston will represent our love of Italy; our passion for Italian art, culture, language, tradition and lifestyle; our desire to strengthen the connection between Boston and Italy, also for the benefit of future generations; the incentive to preserve the deeply-rooted Italian heritage of Boston and its history of Italian immigration; the desire to create more opportunities to promote Italy and its excellence, both in the creative and in the economic fields; the need to raise awareness about Italy as a reality today and to strengthen its relationship with Americans; the ambition to become a landmark for the entire Italian and Italian-American community.